Pouyan Teb Hegmataneh Industries History

PTHI Co. was founded in RAK, Free Zone, in UAE in 2002. Its aim was to present trading services, Medical Products and Cardio Fitness Equipments.

PTHI Co., within a short time relying on its managers' and employees' knowledge, could represent a Medical American Company called EXACTECH in UAE, and two well-known Taiwanese Companies SEG and KUGWAY for IRAN and UAE. Considering an Iranian nationality of PTHI' shareholders, and their desires for transferring the company's credits to an Iranian Corporation, although PTHI Co. had founded a trading office in 2005 in Iran, its central office was founded early in 2006 in a beautiful city of Iran, HAMADAN.


PTHI Co., at first, focused on serving trading services, specialized and sub specialized services in HAMADAN. It represented some famous medical equipment companies in Iran, such as Tehran Arkak, Dahi Teb, Pars Orthopedic Industry, Shayan Saba and Atila Orthoped, and became one of the most successful companies in Hamadan and even in the west of Iran. Increasingly, PTHI Co., developing its sales volume and its specialized services, attempted to represent foreign companies such as Spanish, Indian, Turkish, Italian, French, Chinese and German Companies. Soon after, PTHI Co., expanding its International relationships was able to furnished Hospitals, particularly, operation rooms.

At the same time, the trading department of PTHI Co., relying on its managers' and personnel's' knowledge & applying the best up-to-date trading procedures, specially e-business, became the part serving trading services in west of Iran, and confirmed by most of the business men. PTHI Co. is one of the most active members of Iran and Hamadan Chamber of Commerce, considering the high volume of trading exchange, and one of the most active companies of Iran.

In 2011, PTHI Co. as a joint venture of HIPOKRAT Company started up to establish a new and modern factory in Iran to produce orthopedic and spinal implants but unfortunately this corporation was broken because of some misunderstanding and after that Pouyan Teb continue this project lonely. Production of this factory started commercial producing in end of 2015. This factory is the one of the most modern factories in Middle East and design to pass all international certificate like FDA and CE. This factory will use Industrial Plasma Sterilization Method for sterling its products for the first time in the area in the near future.


Next project of this company is producing of Dental Implants and abutments and now the experts of this company are working on it with the cooperation of Professors of Hamedan School of Dental Medicine. The employs of R&D section of this company now are working in Spinal Implants and Synthetic bone graft substitutes and do their best to introduce these products in next year.